Lead Product Designer wanted

Ego Pulse is a Digital Healthcare start-up, headquartered in the heart of District 1.
Last week an 83 year old user of our mobile app sent us a feature request, concluding by saying “I can communicate well with my doctor. That’s good for old people”.
Just today, doctors and patients made potentially life-changing appointments through our app.
Just today, patients got their medication thanks to our platform.

Today, we are looking for a Lead Product Designer to help shape vision and direction for a new product.

Interested in finding out more? Just send an email to jerome@ego-pulse.com with some examples of your work, and let's get a conversation started.

What are we looking for?

  • 7+ years of digital design experience at least. It's not that we care much about the exact number of years, but we're looking for someone who can drive the design of a completely new product, all the way from concept to implementation. If you have less experience but still feel you could do the job, please don't be shy !
  • Experience across all platforms, Web, iOS, Android.
  • Good English level.
  • Bonus points if you speak German.
  • We're using Figma. But quite frankly, we don't care much about the tools you use.

If you join us, a year from now you will have...

  • Shaped a vision for a completely new product, helping doctors spend more time with their patients and less with their computers.
  • Set a design direction for this product.
  • Shipped features designed entirely by you. You'll need to talk to customers, run workshops and design sprints, and test prototypes. Of course, other designers (and the rest of the team!) will support you every step of the way, but we're not looking for people that just follow orders.
  • Informed the visual language of our platform. Your work now will likely be influential for quite a few years.
  • Contributed to our Design System. Products move faster when there is a common design language and style guide so that designers can spend more time on more important things than ensuring all the dropdowns look and behave consistently.
  • Become a champion for user centered design. As our company gets bigger, just having one designer won't be enough. You'll be in conversations constantly reminding us to put the user first.

Some things you should know about us

  • Our first customers are in Germany. No, this doesn't mean you need to learn German! But our goal has always been to build something for the global market, not something for Vietnam.
  • We're a product company, not an outsourcing company. That means we don't have a perfect list of requirements telling us exactly what to do next and we need to work together to figure it out.
  • We're a product company, not (just) an engineering company. Design is important, something that needs to be there from day one, not something you try to add in after three or four years. User experience is important. Making something real people enjoy using is important. Having customer empathy is important.
  • Our team is about 30 people, including 4 designers and one user researcher.

Why you'll love working here

The main reason you should join us is because you believe technology can have a positive impact on people's life. Because you think you'll learn, have fun with smart coworkers, and grow as a designer. But here's a few other reasons why we think you'll enjoy working at Ego Pulse :

  • A modern software work environment.

    Flex-time is common. Need to leave at 4pm two days a week to attend an MBA class? Prefer to leave for lunch at 11:30? Need to take care of some paperwork in the morning and will be an hour late? Just tell people over Slack.
  • A modern office design.

    Imported Steelcase chairs. Standing desks. Couches and mixed use space. Lots of whiteboards to collaborate together.
  • Take Grab to work.

    Traffic is Saigon can get you down. All employees can take Grab to and from work, on the house, if they don't feel like driving.
  • 20 days of vacation a year.

    Changing the healthcare industry isn't going to happen overnight. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to be in it for the long haul. Everyone needs time off to recharge.
  • Travel opportunities.

    We believe in building empathy for our users, meaning at some point you'll likely need to travel to Europe to go see for yourself how German doctors and patients interact.
  • Private health insurance, free soda, fruits, ice cream, Apple laptops, and more...